Jack Love For Congress

A Healthy Environment: Preserving Our Natural Habitat and Protecting Human Health

The American People's living environment and health come before corporate profits. 

Actions to protect the environment and to fight climate change are beneficial to our communities, our health, and the economy. Yet, the current administration has declared war on the earth with their dangerous denial of climate change, weakening of environmental laws, and selling of public lands to big corporations to exploit for big profits. Trump’s EPA director, Scott Pruitt, wants to abolish the agency he is supposed to steward. Not surprisingly, the Trump administration’s approach to the environment centers around exploration, not preservation. Why? Because they put profits over people.

How immoral must one be to show no concern for the health of our children and future generations? The truth is, the politicians, shareholders, and CEOs profiting from GOP policies aren’t facing the tragic effects of their own actions. They are the families with excellent healthcare, the money to live in areas with good infrastructure, clean water, and adequate insurance in case of emergencies. It is the people of Flint, the people of New Orleans, the people in rural flood and tornado zones, who suffer most from these GOP policies. 


Combatting Climate Change

The science is undeniable and we ignore it to our peril. The overwhelming consensus is that climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity, and its real consequences are already being felt in the US and around the globe. Protecting our planet, our home, is vital to us all. Even US defense and intelligence agencies consider global warming to be one of the most significant threats we face in the 21st century. It poses dangers to both national security and the well-being of all humanity. Combating climate change should be a national health, public welfare, and international security priority. We must join forces with the global community in the commitment to reduce carbon emissions before it is too late.

We must not only halt but also reverse global warming. We know the solutions and we have the means at our disposal to do just that. Many of the actions to reverse global warming are intrinsically beneficial to our communities, our human health, and the economy. Many of the measures that we can take to turn global warming around also “improve lives, create jobs, restore the environment, enhance security, generate resilience, and advance human health.”

With the political will, we can fight back against the fossil fuel lobby and take action to reverse the warming of the globe and combat climate change.


Making Nevada a Leader in the Conversion to a Clean Energy Economy 

Our international rivals are moving far ahead of us on green energy. Meanwhile, Conservatives want to maintain the outdated economic model built on fossil fuels. Coal and Oil are the past and put us in conflict situations around the globe. Progressives must lead the charge to the new energy model focused on clean energy and independence. We are not afraid of change in the name of progress. This is such a logical decision. Building a new, sustainable, green energy infrastructure creates new jobs and protects our world. 

Nevada’s potential to be a leader in clean energy is thrilling!  Let’s lead the way by making the transition away from fossil fuels and investing in clean, sustainable, renewable sources of power--geothermal, solar, wind. Our economy will benefit as our citizens’ health is improved and protected, a win-win scenario I am eager to embrace.


Preserving and Protecting our National Parks and Native Lands

Our national park system is one of America’s wisest inventions and greatest treasures. Our parks have allowed generations of our citizens to experience nature in its grand, untouched state. The park system is also a tremendous economic engine for so many states and cities that depend on park tourism. Now our parks are under attack from the GOP and their cronies. They want to shrink the size of our parks, sell off the mineral rights to their donors, and weaken the laws that have been established to preserve our park ecosystems. This is done all in the name of unchecked greed. I will fight to keep our parks safe from exploitation, and I will fight for better funding so future generations will be able to continue to enjoy the countless benefits our national parks provide.

As a native Nevadan, I am proud of the beauty of our lands. Some may see Nevada’s lands as a desert wasteland, but Nevadans appreciate its unique beauty and see it as HOME. I will fight to the bitter end any attempt to re-open Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste storage. We won’t be bullied by the rest of the country. Any accident involving this waste would be a huge humanitarian crisis and also an unprecedented economic crisis. Our tourism-based economy would be forever damaged by any such incident. I will not trade away our safety for the promise of a short-term economic gain. We must find other solutions. 

All over the country, Native Americans are leading the charge to protect our lands and I have profound respect for their work and leadership. American Indian activists in Nevada are fighting to protect their ancestral lands and artifacts as well as Gold Butte and Basin and Range National Monuments, both currently under threat. I would fight alongside native leaders and honor their traditions and expertise. 


Ensuring Healthy Food, Clean Air, and Clean Water

The fossil fuel industry, industrial farming, and waste dumping are making Americans sick and destroying our water, soil and food sources. Science is just beginning to uncover links between environmental toxins and illnesses like cancer, asthma, allergies, intestinal problems, and even poor brain development. We don’t need to science to tell us that lower-income Americans are more likely to live near waste disposal sites and to live in areas with polluted water sources and poor air quality. We can do better by them in an effort for environmental justice.

Under Trump, the EPA recently lifted restrictions on the second largest source of pollution in America: coal ash, a coal byproduct. Coal ash is known to contain numerous harmful chemicals, including arsenic, lead, and selenium. And why? So giant corporations will save money by not having to dispose of responsibly, and use the savings to make their executives and shareholders even richer. Pesticides that are known carcinogens and bee killers have yet to be banned, again, to make industrial farming more profitable without regard for the health or safety of Americans.

The assaults on our health must stop! Democrats have long fought to strengthen the EPA, to keep our air and water clean, to keep pesticides out of our children’s foods and to work with the scientists who propose evidence-based solutions. But we must compromise no more and we must expose GOP greed. We know that policy should be based in scientific research and facts, not corporate interests and legalized bribery. And yet, we don’t have to stifle business and growth entirely. A balance between commerce and conservation can be achieved if we make the right choices.

In Washington, I will defend science and increase consumer protections so our laws are smart and effective. I will fight to strengthen laws that keep pollution out of our air and water and pesticides out of our foods. I believe we should reexamine our industrial agricultural methods to enhance food safety and preserve our lands and help our family farms.