Jack Love For Congress

A New Deal 2.0

Investing in the American People, Infrastructure, and Clean Energy

One in every nine bridges is structurally unsound.  Drinking water infrastructure is deficient and almost obsolete.  1/3 of our roads are in poor or worse condition.  Fossil Fuels are non-renewable and take millions of years to form.  Good jobs have been disappearing for decades and being replaced by low paying, service industry jobs.

We need to invest in America and the American People.  We need a new New Deal — New Deal 2.0. For most of America's history, we invested in infrastructure, growing our economy, providing people with work that gave them a good standard of living and providing businesses a competitive advantage.  This is no longer true in America.  We spend less than 2% of our GDP on infrastructure which ranks us at 12th in the world compared to where we were 10 years ago when we held 7th place.  Europe spends twice as much as we do, China spends close to 4 times what we do.

We need to invest in infrastructure, clean energy, education & training and research & development.  Building a strong infrastructure will create jobs for the American people while also improving our roads, bridges, power grids and water infrastructure; American needs to be strengthened, not weakened. We are losing the economic battle with the rest of the world. It is time to re-invest in our people. This is the true strength of the nation. 

A massive infrastructure improvement plan must be implemented.  Our leaders have lacked the courage to address it. As voters, we have not demanded that they do so. The current national budget allocates 54% to military spending and only 2% on transportation. We need to adjust this immediately. It is time to reallocate our tax revenues to building our infrastructure, investing in clean energy and strengthening our education and training.

We are not making the necessary transition to renewable energy. We refuse to demand to make the logical changes that would lead us in a wiser, more prosperous direction. In Nevada, we can attract investments in state-of-the-art public transportation and clean energy and in the process create green jobs.

  • Let’s rebuild America, instead of fighting senseless wars or giving out corporate welfare.
  • Let’s put millions of Americans to work at skilled jobs earning good wages with a New Deal 2.0, by investing in our people and our crumbling infrastructure.
  • Let’s provide opportunity, shrink economic inequality, and revive the middle class, by investing in education and vocational training.
  • Let’s make Nevada a national leader in high-speed transportation and clean energy, like solar, geothermal, and wind.