Jack Love For Congress



Providing Quality Healthcare to All Americans

Let's commit, once and for all, to a single payer system, the only proven way to achieve universal access to the best quality healthcare at the lowest cost. Supported by a majority of Americans, it makes good economic sense and it’s the right thing to do.

Investing in the Future with a New Deal 2.0

Let’s use our resources to rebuild America and make Nevada a national leader in high-speed transportation and clean energy. By investing in our people and our crumbling infrastructure, a New Deal 2.0 can put millions of Americans to work.

Fighting for Shared Prosperity and Economic Justice

Let's make sure that working Americans make a fair and decent living. I support a $15 minimum wage & strong unions with collective bargaining power. Billionaires and corporations must pay their fair share of taxes.

Putting Democracy Back in the Hands of the People

Let's reduce the influence and power of the wealthy and corporations that have corrupted our politics. The repeal of Citizens United must be a part of broader campaign finance reform to get money out of politics. We must also stop the GOP on gerrymandering and their attempts at voting rights suppression.

Standing for Equality and Civil Rights

Let's stand together to vigorously defend women’s reproductive rights and access to family planning. We must consolidate the gains of the LGBTQIA community whose rights are threatened by the current administration. I vow to close the gender pay gap and have zero tolerance for sexual harassment.

Protecting Nature & Human Health and Safety

Let's preserve our natural wonders and life-sustaining clean air and water. The GOP Administration has declared war on the climate science and the federal agencies that keep us safe. Good government protects its people, ensures clean air and water, and preserves public lands and natural wonders.

Embracing the Diversity of America as an Immigrant Country

Let's embrace the diversity that is one of our greatest strengths. Immigrants contribute to the overall health of the economy and reform should be common sense and comprehensive with a clear path to citizenship.

Supporting the Troops in Deeds, Not Just Words

Let's give veterans the care they deserve. Let’s also end the raid on the treasury to support never-ending wars and private contracting.