Jack Love For Congress

Jack Love Announces Candidacy for Nevada House District 3

Pledges to fight for the middle class
with common sense solutions and personal accountability.

Las Vegas, NV – Thursday, August 31st – Jack Love, a lifelong Nevadan and political newcomer, known for speaking his mind and his fighting spirit, declared his candidacy today seeking the Democratic nomination for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

His reason is simple. “For too long, our elected representatives have ignored the needs of their constituents. Instead, they do the bidding of the donor class and big business. I am not a professional politician; I will work hard in the interests of, and be accountable to, the people of my district.” said Love. In his official announcement on Facebook and Twitter, he emphasized the need to “tackle head-on comprehensive health care reform and the stark wealth and income inequalities in the US economy.”

As a seasoned professional in the industry, Love knows health insurance. He views universal coverage via a single payer system as the best way to control costs and improve the system to benefit everyone. He stated unequivocally, “a single payer system is the only way to achieve cost reductions while providing good, quality healthcare. It’s inevitable. Why delay its implementation and continue the recent American practice of never solving a problem?”

Love denounced Republican proposals to grant tax breaks to the rich and to dismantle Social Security and Medicare with no regard for the national debt or social protections. He added, “these are not solutions. This is not leadership. We need leaders who will defend these hard-fought rights.”

To reverse the worrisome trends in income and wealth inequality, the Democrat running in Nevada’s 3rd District supports raising the minimum wage to $15 and advocates what some have dubbed a New New Deal or New Deal 2.0. “Funding for infrastructure will not only bolster our transportation system and prepare us for climate change but will also generate well-paying jobs,” he said.

Introducing himself as the common sense candidate, he proposed to “make the United States smart again” by prioritizing education, research and development, and 21st-century technologies and “to stop squandering resources” on “a ridiculous wall,” “unwinnable wars,” and “a tax giveaway to the obscenely rich.” With a message of inclusion and a promise to defend the civil and legal rights of all, Love “vows to work hard to earn the people’s trust and to never be corrupted by corporate donors.”

Jack will be attending many community events in his district in the coming months. He will be speaking at the Labor Day Party For the People at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Boulder CIty on Saturday, Sept. 2nd between 3 and 4 p.m. He also plans to hold meet-and-greet gatherings in the coming weeks. For details, consult his Facebook page.

Jack Love was born and raised in Las Vegas. A graduate of Clark High School (1983) and Pepperdine University (1987), he spent 12 years in the gaming industry. In 2000, Jack founded a new insurance agency where he works to this day. He is married to Alison Love and has three daughters, all enrolled in the Clark County School District.

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