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Jack Love (D) for NV-03 takes strong stance on gun reform.

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March 24, 2018


Jack Love (D) for NV-03 takes strong stance on gun reform.


Las Vegas, NV – “There is no reason for anyone to have weapons of war in this country. I want to see the assault weapons ban reinstated. We know it saves lives.” said Jack Love, Congressional candidate for Nevada’s 3rd District, a strong advocate for gun reform. “Thoughts and prayers are not enough to fix a problem that kills Americans every single day. As adults, we have been failing our children, and the time to act is now,” Jack lamented after the Parkland school killings, adding that he feels even greater resolve to be a voice in Washington for common sense gun laws.


He pointed out that “the American public is clamoring for our lawmakers to take action to protect our citizens.” Polling consistently shows overwhelming bipartisan support for basic measures like requiring background checks for all gun buyers, eliminating straw man purchases and loopholes, raising the legal age for gun purchases, banning bump stocks and high-capacity ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Jack believes we can save lives while still respecting the second amendment.


Inspired by the student movement, he affirmed that NRA-financed politicians must go, because they have become a threat to our public safety. Furthermore, Love has also called upon Congress to lift the ban put in place by Republicans on the study of gun violence as a public health issue. His website states, “Lawmakers need to approach gun violence and fatalities as the severe public health issue they have become. If they are unwilling, Americans agree that we need to THROW THEM OUT!”


Jack vows to fight for meaningful legislation in Congress to protect American lives. His platform of common sense solutions to reduce gun deaths also includes criminal background check for ALL gun sales; strengthening enforcement of existing laws to avoid unlawful weapons trafficking; opposition to gun accessories that increase killing power such as high capacity magazines, silencers, and bump stocks; supporting Red Flag Laws that allow courts to temporarily restrict gun access from a person who exhibits dangerous warning signs; preventing felons, domestic abuse offenders and abusers under restraining orders, and people on the no-fly list from having guns; and combating the gun lobby's attempts to arm teachers.


Jack’s campaign team will be in attendance at the March for Our Lives on Saturday, March 24 to show solidarity and demand action.


About Jack Love


Jack Love, Congressional candidate for Nevada’s 3rd District, was born and raised in Las Vegas. A graduate of Clark High School (1983) and Pepperdine University (1987), he spent 12 years in the gaming industry. In 2000, Jack founded a new insurance agency where he works to this day. His platform includes Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, strong labor unions, a New Deal 2.0 investment in public education and our failing infrastructure, clean energy and a healthy environment, civil rights and equality, a clear path for citizenship, and gun reform.  Jack is married to Alison Love, and they have three daughters.


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