Jack Love For Congress

Medicare for All: Achieving Universal Health Care with a Single-Payer System



Health care should be a guaranteed right of every American.

The United States is the only country in the developed world that does not provide all of its citizens with high-quality health care. It’s time we start taking care of our people, too. Health care is not a luxury or privilege. The American people are ready for a single-payer reform. It will be more efficient, save money and lives, and enhance doctor and patient freedoms. It’s practical, it's smart, and it's clearly the right thing to do.

One of my main goals in Washington will be to pass legislation to institute Medicare for All.

The ACA: A First Step Toward Universal Coverage Sabotaged by the GOP 

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a good faith effort that extended coverage to millions of previously-uninsured Americans. As a result, insurance companies cannot refuse those with pre-existing conditions. However, the ACA has been fatally damaged by GOP sabotage.

For years, Republicans raged against “Obamacare” and vowed to repeal and replace it.  When Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan got their chance to replace the ACA under President Drumpf, it was revealed that they had no plan. “Repeal and Replace” was a hollow, cynical lie.



In 2018:

  • 28 million Americans remain uninsured and 30% of working Americans, or 41 million, are underinsured.

  • 72% of the population believe that the health care system is "in crisis" or "has major problems."

  • Medical bills are the cause of financial bankruptcy for hundreds of thousands of Americans each year.

  • Crowdfunding to cover medical costs has become a disturbing trend.

What remains of the ACA does not adequately address the issues of quality and cost. While the United States devotes 17-18% of its GDP to health care, roughly double that of other developed countries, we do not get the best results.

The US health care system is clearly broken.


The Solution is Medicare for All

Amidst this crisis, I see opportunity. If you believe, like I do, that we must care for people with pre-existing conditions and for people who cannot afford the cost of private for-profit health insurance, a single-payer, Medicare for All system is the logical, inevitable solution.

Single payer has increasingly broad support from the general public and the medical community. Strong nurses unions are leading the way in the single-payer debate. Doctors are coming around to prefer it as well.

Recent polls show that:

  • 52% of Americans favor a single-payer solution;

  • 2/3 of Democrats support government-run health care; and

  • over 1/2 of doctors now favor single-payer, with 42% strongly in favor.



Single payer is the only proven way to achieve equal access to the best quality healthcare at the lowest cost, while also giving patients more choice and doctors more freedom.

  • A single-payer system will:

    • provide the same level of coverage for all through a universal mandate,

    • bring down costs, because a large single payer has negotiating power,

    • eliminate the middleman and return freedom to doctors and patients (there will be no bureaucrat telling you or your doctor what you can or cannot do), and

    • encourage prevention and ultimately lead to better overall health.

  • A Medicare for All insurance fund just pays the bills, letting the healthcare professionals make the medical decisions.

  • Supported by a majority of Americans and now a majority of doctors, single payer makes good economic and moral sense.

  • It is the most effective and efficient way to guarantee healthcare as a right to all.