Jack Love For Congress

My background: Native Nevadan

kenny_guinn.jpgI am proud to have been born and raised in Las Vegas. I grew up going to public school and playing sports with my friends in our public parks. I graduated from Clark High School in 1983 with high honors. After high school, I was awarded an academic scholarship to Pepperdine University in California, where I also played some college baseball. Fact check: I once struck out Barry Bonds. After graduating in 1987, I returned to Las Vegas.

clark_high.jpgAs I made my way into adulthood, I worked several different jobs. Eventually, I ended up at the Sands Hotel working in the Race and Sportsbook. Over the next 12 years, I worked my way up through various properties. I managed at the Sport of Kings, Tropicana, and finally, The Resort at Summerlin. These were exciting times in Las Vegas as the industry exploded in growth. I still have many friends in gaming. I will always miss the camaraderie. 

In 2001, I decided to get into the insurance business. Building it from the ground up, I have now owned and operated my agency for the past 17 years and pride myself on being a self-made businessman.

Jack at WorkMy insurance experience provides insight into the challenges faced by the Nevada family. I have a front row seat to the struggles of our shrinking middle class. I see the effects of income inequality every day. I see families unable to send their children to college. I see people forced to forego health insurance due to cost. I see that most people have no extra money to invest for retirement. In short, I’m witness to the 1st generation of Americans who are worse off economically than their parents.

Health insurance has been a large part of my business since 2001. I know what the system was like prior to the ACA, during the ACA, and currently. I know the flaws and the advantages of the system before and after its implementation. I see the never-ending increases in health insurance. My family has been personally affected by this, too. This knowledge is the reason I feel qualified to lead on true health care reform that works for everyone.  

Personal Life: My Family

I have been married to my loving and supportive wife, Alison for 15 years. Like me, she is devoted to our family and community. She has been a busy stay-at-home mother to our three girls and a volunteer youth group leader. She is currently completing her Masters and teaching certification through UNLV and is excited to return to work and assist with the teacher shortage in Clark County. I am a proud father of three daughters, ages 13, 11, and 7. They each attend public school, just like their mom and dad did.

family.jpgMost of my extended family also lives in Las Vegas, including my father, mother, and brother. My father is a veteran who came to Las Vegas back in the 50s while stationed at Nellis Air Force Base. He met my mother at the bank where she worked as a teller. They were married and settled here to raise their family in Spring Valley. I am a product of the same middle class that I am trying to protect.

In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors, visiting with friends, piano lessons with my daughters, home improvement projects with my wife, and football.

My Reason For Running

As a first time candidate, I’m often asked why I'm running. The answer is that I could no longer wait for a representative who is unafraid to act against the corruption that has become the norm in American politics; I decided to be that candidate. Republican policy is moving us backward. We are ignoring huge problems like unaffordable health care, economic inequality, crumbling infrastructure, skyrocketing education costs, environmental degradation, and the undue influence of the wealthy and corporations in our political system. I am truly afraid of the future world our children will inherit if we remain in the same downward spiral. I won't let that happen on my watch. This situation is unacceptable, and I want to fix it.

In the face of all this and the GOP's assault on working people, our institutions, and our values, the Democratic Party establishment has been frustratingly ineffective in pushing back hard enough. In the absence of strong leadership, I decided that I would step up to be a part of the solution. So, I'm running to represent Nevada's 3rd District to put an end to the GOP control of Congress. We must replace their failed ideas with bold, intelligent, common-sense. and fact-based policies that will benefit the working class and our country as a whole. 

My Promise

If elected, I will always be accountable to my constituents. Watching the elected GOP representatives run and hide during the healthcare debates was extremely disappointing. I am truly astonished by these elected representatives who continuously avoid their constituents. If I'm elected to Congress, I will meet regularly with the people of our district, staying until everyone has had an opportunity to express their opinion. After all, it is a government for the people and by the people. 

Furthermore, I am beholden to no corporate or special interests. Our campaign is an all-volunteer grass-roots one, which is financed mostly by individual donations; it will remain this way. My agenda will be focused on improving the individual lives of all people within our district. I will always put the interests of the people first.